Talking Tom's voice changer

Are you tired of Talking Tom speaking the same old way for days? Do you want to hear new voices when you use this application? I will introduce the solution for you in this article!

As everyone knows, Talking Tom is one of the most popular Android and iOS apps. It is fun to use it. Not only children loves it, also adults have lots of fun hearing a kitten reapeating the words they say. But it could be even more fun starting now! After months of developing the "Talking Tom's voice changer" is already here FOR FREE! It is a really useful feature for all Talking Tom's users. Why you ask? First of all, it gives a brand new look for the product because the voice of the cat is the most important thing in this phone app. The "Voice changer" allows you to change Tom's voice to a completely different. For example: Darth Vader, Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, a woman's voice or Elvis Presley. (There are 35 preset voices and more to come with updates later!). Secondly, playing Talking Tom will be much more fun now, it will not get boring because you have so many voices to try!
As I mentioned earlier - it is absolutely FREE for you guys! So change Talking Tom's voice NOW and you won't regret!

The program looks like this:

You only need to connect your phone to your computer with an USB cable. When you did press which voice you want to use and that's it. This program changes default sound profiles in Talking Tom's directory on your phone and that's why Talking Tom will speak in a different voice now. Have fun!

You can watch a video tutorial on how to use the program (also there are few examples of applied voices):

DOWNLOAD (Version  

And lastly, feel free to contact me at if you have any problems! I will always help you!